Recovering data from a hard drive

Get Your Data Recovered No fix? No fee!

Swansea Data Recovery are specialists in recovering data from a variety of devices capable of storing user data. We recover data from Desktop PCs, External HDDs, Laptops, RAID setups and a variety of removable storage devices. We have 15+ years experience in the field of data recovery and carry out 1000s of recoveries on a yearly basis.

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Stack of hard drives

Failed RAID Server Recovery No fix? No fee!

Our experience of recovering the data from failed Raid Systems is unparalleled. We recover data from failed RAID 0, RAID 1, and RAID 5 systems regardless of configuration or manufacturer. We also recover data that has been rendered inaccessible as the result of a rebuild failure.

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Data recovery centers nationwide

Twenty-Six Nationwide Centres No fix? No fee!

We are 1 of 26 data recovery centres operating throughout the United Kingdom. We also have branches in London (4 in total),Edinburgh, Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, Milton Keynes, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol, Reading, Bracknell, Staines, Maidenhead and Guildford.

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No Fix? No Fee!

We rarely fail to recover your data but on the off chance we might you pay nothing!

Laptop data recovery

No Job Too Large or Small

We will happily deal with anyone who is having problems with the loss of their data.

Laptop on charge

Super Quick Recovery Times

We offer our clients the premier data recovery service in Swansea.

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Did You Know?

25,000+ parts currently in Stock!

We don't sell parts but use them to help remedy our customers' data recovery problems.

Swansea Data Recovery; The Most Comprehensive Data Recovery Service in the Swansea area.

At Swansea Data Recovery we perform thousands of data recoveries successfully every year for our clients. We can recover user data from any device capable of storing data including desktop PCs, Laptops and RAID servers. We believe, as do our clients, that we offer the most comprehensive data recovery service in the United Kingdom and Ireland.Click here for more information...

Apple MacBook Repair

The Apple MacBook Pro ranks among one of the most stunningly beautiful pieces of laptop technology created by the Apple Corporation, and one of the most powerful as well. With similar capabilities to its desktop companions, the MacBook Pro offers the ability to produce cutting edge graphics, state of the art video and haunting music in the studio or on the move. The downside to this however is that fact that like all other laptops, desktop PCs or computer with a storage device, the storage device can be a let-down. And this is not by design. Here at Swansea Data […] Read More

RAID 5 Recovery

It isn’t that long ago when the only businesses that had RAID 5 technology were those that had millions of pounds a year turnover and staff numbering their hundreds. But now as technology has improved (and for the most part so has its production) the affordability of RAID 5 has made it a more popular choice among small business entities. With this in mind here at Swansea Data Recovery we are being asked to help with the recovery of data from faltering or failed RAID 5 drives. RAID 5 technology works on the proviso that 5 drives are working together […] Read More

Toshiba Stor.E Recovery

The Toshiba HDTB107EK3AA Stor.E external drive is a one terabyte USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible) storage drive that has been available to computer users since October 2011. Although small and cleverly designed in terms of shape (as well as made by Toshiba) we at Swansea Data Recovery have been asked by several clients to help recover data from this drive because of the various faults it has developed and are widely reported. The 1TB Stor.E seems to have particular issue with power supply and is often reported to lose power whilst copying data from one place to another, it also […] Read More