RAID 5 Recovery

It isn’t that long ago when the only businesses that had RAID 5 technology were those that had millions of pounds a year turnover and staff numbering their hundreds. But now as technology has improved (and for the most part so has its production) the affordability of RAID 5 has made it a more popular choice among small business entities.

With this in mind here at Swansea Data Recovery we are being asked to help with the recovery of data from faltering or failed RAID 5 drives.

RAID 5 technology works on the proviso that 5 drives are working together to produce a viable backup of the information required for use in whatever business model you are operating. To this end if you are a manufacturing company your daily productivity, transport costs, accounting and payroll can all be managed and saved to the drives in a RAID 5 device whilst more than the average number of employees have access to it, modify it and save it as they go.

However the drawback with RAID 5 technology (if you could call it a drawback) is that when one drive goes down and the others continue, there becomes a weak link in the chain which we at Swansea Data Recovery are asked to help repair i.e. recover.

But recovering the data is only part of the job because once the data has been recovered from a faulty RAID drive it then has to be reintegrated into the RAID 5 device and mirrored back across the other drives. And whereas this might sound as though it should be straightforward, oftentimes there are problems if the wrong format of drive is used, or if there are compatibility issues between the controller card and the newly installed drive.

Our engineers have over 15 years’ experience in dealing with RAID technology – and its less expensive counterpart Network Assisted Storage – and as such are often able to diagnose quickly a problem that has arisen and offer a solution that is efficient and suitable enough to reduce any downtime among your work force.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your RAID 5 array contact us at Swansea Data Recovery on 01792 343157 and a member of our engineering team will talk you through the process. They will be able to give you an initial diagnosis of the problem as well as a no obligation quote for the work to be carried out (an additional charge may apply if the drive has suffered mechanical damage) and we can even arrange for a member of our team to be on-site when the new drive with your recovered media is installed, ensuring that the rebuild goes smoothly – allowing your business to continue unaffected and your staff to carry on with the minimum loss of productivity possible. Call us today on 01792 434157 for an initial consultation. Our recovery centre is open 9am to 6pm – Monday to Friday.