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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from laptops. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why Your Laptop Hard Drive May Fail:

Regardless of whether a Windows or Mac infrastructure, a laptop can encounter the same problems that any desktop computer can. They are very convenient and their portability means that you can access your work on the go. There are various reasons as to why your laptop may develop a malfunction or cease to work. Some of the most common reasons include liquid damage or a fault in the hardware to name but a few. Due to the portability of a laptop, often, it can become damaged in transit by being dropped or bashed. If you are experiencing data accessibility issues whereby you have a malfunctioning laptop and can’t retrieve any of your valuable data, you can speak to our expert team here at Swansea Data Recovery. When you get in touch, we will talk to you about the problem you are experiencing and provide a diagnosis. If we cannot repair your laptop, at the very least, we will be able to recover any files or data that may have been lost.

Physical Laptop Hard Drive Malfunctions:

Like any other hard drive, a laptop’s hard drive is prone to experiencing mechanical failure due to reasons such as platters becoming loose, heads failing to spin or damage to where the information is stored. These are all very common ways in which your laptop may experience a physical malfunction causing important and valuable data to be lost. It isn’t always obvious what has happened, but at Swansea Data Recovery, we will successfully diagnose the problem, offer a solution and recover any lost or inaccessible data. We use our 15+ years of experience and state of the art technology to recover your data in the most effective way possible.

PCB Failure Causing Laptop Hard Drive Breakdown:

The printed circuit board in your laptop can easily become damaged and burn out if not looked after properly. A very common reason that your laptop may endure PCB failure is due to a power surge. Not only do these damage desktop computers, but laptops also. A surge of power causes a high jolt of volts to power through to the motherboard which causes the circuits to melt and the power supply to fail meaning that your laptop could shut down or crash. It is advised that using a cable which isn’t the correct type for your laptop can also cause permanent damage to your machine as using a cable which causes damage to your laptop will mean that the hard drive will fail, rendering any important data lost or irretrievable. If this is something that you have experienced, don’t worry. At Swansea Data Recovery, we specialise in data recovery and can help you retrieve yours.

Problems With Firmware:

For a laptop to be able to function properly, firmware is the essential software that allows it to operate properly on a daily basis. If you don’t have the correct firmware installed on your machine, or you try and install an update, there is a chance this can fail and cause your laptop to malfunction. Issues with firmware can cause your laptop to experience problems with the hard drive, but it can also cause you to lose data that you were working on. At Swansea Data Recovery, we can recover any lost data using a specialist set of tools and our combined 15+ years of experience. Contact us and we can discuss the firmware issues, if we can repair your laptop and how we will recover your data successfully.

Hard Drive Issues On Your Laptop Due To System Freeze:

If your laptop’s hard drive encounters a problem, it’s very common for your laptop to freeze, shut down or perform a reboot. There are many reasons as to why this may occur, but one of the most common reasons are due to bad disk sectors which spread throughout your laptop’s hard drive and cause it to cease working. Not turning your laptop off occasionally can, in fact, also cause long term issues. Much like a TV, or mobile phone, your laptop needs to be restarted every now and again so that it can install important updates and such. If this hasn’t been done, your laptop could crash meaning that you lose valuable data. Don’t worry. Swansea Data Recovery will be able to recover data that you thought was irretrievable.

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