Toshiba Stor.E Recovery

The Toshiba HDTB107EK3AA Stor.E external drive is a one terabyte USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible) storage drive that has been available to computer users since October 2011.

Although small and cleverly designed in terms of shape (as well as made by Toshiba) we at Swansea Data Recovery have been asked by several clients to help recover data from this drive because of the various faults it has developed and are widely reported.

The 1TB Stor.E seems to have particular issue with power supply and is often reported to lose power whilst copying data from one place to another, it also has been reported that the drive itself fails whilst copying files of small size from one location to another.

At Swansea Data Recovery we have been called upon to help retrieve data from these drives because they have failed and have also left the user unable to access their data; data which regardless of its nature has been important to them.

Our engineers have been able to diagnose the source of the problem and been able to retrieve the data to a new medium however they have only been able to do this because as part of the warranty no provision has been made for the recovery of data.

Those users who have sought us out here at Swansea Data Recovery have done so because the warranty only covers the replacement of the drive or repair and not the recovery of the data contained on it.

If you have been experiencing problems with the Toshiba HDTB107EK3AA Stor.E external drive and are concerned about the loss of your data, contact us on 01792 343157 and we can talk you through how we can retrieve your data to another medium.

Our engineers can give you an accurate diagnosis over the telephone as well as provide you with a no obligation quotation (which will include any additional charges should there be mechanical damage to the drive). They will also explain how our No Fix No Fee policy works and in addition to that give you the option as to what service suits you best.

We have three service levels available and depending on your budget and timescale there is a recovery package to suit you. If you are in desperate need of your data then we can offer you a critical service that will reunite you with your data the next day.

Our recovery centre is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm and our engineers are on hand to take your call and provide you with all the help and advice you need to ensure that no further damage or loss of data occurs. Our number is 01792 343157 and we offer Swansea’s premier data recovery service.