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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from USB Sticks. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
USB Stick Recovery

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Critical Service £495

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Damage To USB Memory Sticks:

Much like camera memory cards, USB sticks are made from a selection of very intricate and delicate pieces of hardware in order for the device to work effectively, portably and while on the go. The most common reason a USB stick may become damaged can be due to connection issues from the USB stick itself to the computer port. This could be due to damage to the flash memory or failure of the small, but very important components. Of course general wear and tear can cause a USB stick to become damaged such as liquid erosion, being dropped or bashed. If you have a damaged or malfunctioning USB stick and you want to recover the data from it, get in touch with Swansea Data Recovery and we will do this for you at a competitive cost.

USB Memory Stick Port Failure:

An EEPROM chip, located within USB sticks, is where the information or data is stored, allowing you to access your data on the go. It is otherwise known as a flash memory. While these chips are durable, if damaged beyond repair, it may mean that your data is lost and unrecoverable. This means that when you then insert the USB memory stick into the USB port on your machine, the computer will not pick it up and the data cannot be accessed. Of course, if you damage other areas of your USB memory stick, this will also be the case. However, there is no need to worry as Swansea Data Recovery are on hand to help you recover any lost data effectively and efficiently.

Firmware Corruption To Your USB Memory Stick:

Firmware is an essential part of most devices and it’s always important to make sure that your USB stick has the most update to date software installed and is compatible with your computers firmware. If not, there can be compatibility issues between your USB memory stick and your computer. On the other hand, if your current firmware becomes corrupt or you install a version from a third party, this can also cause issues and render your data inaccessible. Speak to an expert at Swansea Data Recovery about how we will retrieve your data.

Deletion Or Formatting Error With USB Memory Stick:

It’s a fact of life that from time to time we all make mistakes. One mistake, however, that is incredibly frustrating is when you accidentally delete something important and can’t gain access to it any longer. This can be done through clicking the wrong button, reading the information in a dialogue box wrong or formatting the data so that it can’t be accessed. If you have done this and need professional help, we will help recover your data for you at Swansea Data Recovery.

USB Memory Stick Causing Computer To Crash:

Installing a new USB memory stick onto your computer can sometimes encounter some problems. You may find that the computer freezes, crashes or reboots, or that it simply doesn’t recognise the device. This can in fact cause any data on your memory card to become lost, or at the very least, irretrievable. It can, however, be recovered. By using a specialist set of tools and over 15 years of knowledge and expertise, at Swansea Data Recovery, we can bring back your data and safely return it to you.

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