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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from Windows PCs. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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Why A PC Hard Drive May Malfunction:

Hard drives are incredibly intricate pieces of hardware and if not handled correctly, can become damaged and unusable. Having a damaged hard drive within your PC can mean that you may have lost important data. If this has happened to you, don’t worry just yet, at Swansea Data Recovery, we will endeavour to recover your important information by utilising our 15+ years of experience in data recovery. PC faults can occur for various reasons. Corrupt firmware is a common reason as to why a hard drive may be experiencing issues as well as accidents such as being dropped, bashed or damaged through liquid erosion. A PC can sometimes even just conk out without explanation due to an internal error that goes unnoticed. We are adept in dealing with all types of PCs and the different factors as to why it may be malfunctioning and has caused you to lose your valuable data.

Physical Read/Write Problems On A PC:

Unaligned platters within a PC can cause serious malfunctions to the hard drive. As well this, broken or twisted actuator arms and kinked ribbon cables can stop your PC from functioning properly and cause you to lose your data and your PC to shut down, right in the middle of important work. This can be incredibly frustrating, but unfortunately, it’s very common. To speak to us at Swansea Data Recovery, contact us today to receive a no obligation diagnosis and competitive quote. Even if we are unable to repair your PC, we can recover that all important data for you.

PC Failure Due To Power Issues:

Many of us assume that our PCs, laptops or other machines are indestructible and often forget that they need to be switched off occasionally so that they don’t fall victim to a crashing or rebooting issues. If your PC was to experience this type of problem, there is a high chance that your motherboard has become damaged if your PC was to endure a power surge of high voltage. This will mean your PC will cease to function properly and any data that you were working on or was held on your hard drive could either become lost or inaccessible. At Swansea Data Recovery, retrieving data is something that we are highly experienced in and will be able to help you with your PC problems.

Firmware/Software Corruption Responsible For PC Crash Or Reboot:

Due to the many different options on the market, not all trustworthy, firmware can become corrupted and damage your PCs hard drive rendering it unable and data inaccessible. Installing what claims to be an ‘important’ update from a third party provider, power failure or accidental shut down can cause your firmware to become corrupted and cause permanent damage to the hard drive and your PC. Experts at Swansea Data Recovery know how detrimental a hardware malfunction can be to your PC and hard drive. We will always attempt to repair your damaged PC, but if we can’t save do that, we can certainly recover your data.

PC Freezing Or Crashing?:

Running slowly, crashing or completely rebooting can mean that your PC is in trouble. A freezing PC can be due to various factors, such as corrupt third party software or bad disk sectors. Not only can it become incredibly frustrating for your PC to continuously crash, it can also mean that you lose important data you were working on, or even data that was saved to the hard drive. If this has happened to you and you want the expert advice of experts with 15+ years of experience, contact Swansea Data Recovery for a no obligation quote.

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