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Our experts have extensive experience recovering data from RAID servers. With 15 years experience in the data recovery industry, we can help you securely recover your data.
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RAID Issues Causing Loss Of Data:

A common device for data storage is a RAID device. Predominantly, these are used in the workplace to store large volumes of data that many can gain access to. Like other storage devices, there is a chance that your RAID device may experience a hard drive malfunction and cease to work. In this case, your data may be irretrievable which can become problematic as it’s used as a central storage device. There are many reasons as to why a storage device such as a RAID can malfunction or become damaged. Configuration and file corruption or damage through general wear and tear are amongst the most common reasons for RAID failure. Using our 15+ years of expertise, Swansea Data Recovery will recover your data safely for you.

Faulty Mechanics In A RAID Device:

Because a RAID device is such a sturdy and reliable piece of equipment, owners tend to rarely back up their data. This can cause serious problems if there is a malfunction or the device breaks as data can disappear and become irretrievable. Due to the fact that a RAID device is the storage device of choice for most businesses, losing data through a server error can be incredibly detrimental. Due to the high usage of a RAID storage device, sometimes they can fail for what seems like no apparent reason. More mechanical breakdowns can include missing partitions or faulty controller cards. No matter what the problem is, at Swansea Data Recovery, we will diagnose the issue quickly and provide you with a no obligation quote.

Issues Due To A RAID Rebuild:

One of the most common reasons a RAID device may break down or cease to work is due to people attempting to rebuild them without fully knowing or understanding the process in doing so. Of course, if you are already experiencing issues, replacing the RAID disk and performing a complete rebuild seems like a good idea, but it doesn’t always work out well. An unsuccessful rebuild can in fact lead to more serious problems further down the line with your RADI device. These issues may result in boot failure or even loss of valuable data. At Swansea Data Recovery, we can help you recover your data after an unsuccessful rebuild operation.

Corruption Through Firmware On Your RAID Device:

Firmware is found in all hard drives and this is no different when it comes to RAID devices. Firmware is an essential requirement for hard drives to be able to function correctly alongside the motherboard. However, corrupt, damaging or out of date firmware can cause serious issues to your RAIDs hard drive. In serious cases, you may find that your RAID device will completely crash and any important data is no longer accessible. Don’t fret, as at Swansea Data Recovery, we will do our best tor repair your device and at the very least we will recover your all important data.

Faulty Controller Cards/Partitions Causing RAID Issues:

A malfunctioning controller card in your RAID device can lead to all sorts of issues. Not only can it damage your device quite severely, it can also cause valuable and very important data to ‘go missing’. Damaged partitions are another reason as to why your RAID device may be malfunctioning. By contact Swansea Data Recovery, you will receive a no obligation quote and free diagnosis. We will explain to you how we will successfully recover your lost data.

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